Your taste, your enjoyment is what this tea site is all about. Our job is to share the best products we can provide for you -- and also to expand your experience with our enthusiasm for the history, the culture and the never-ending discoveries about tea and the human experience.
We bring you more than a commodity but rather the experience of the leaf, which is magical, and at the same time transcending and yet very grounded in the earth. The beautiful Darjeeling region has given rise to a unique and beautiful product that you can appreciate on all these levels. The stories of nearly two centuries in India, all are captured in a cup of tea, for those eager to see it. Let’s take this journey together.

Doke is the name of a very productive organic tea garden in India. The lush garden rests in an area called Pothia, in Kishanganj. The area of the Doke Tea garden is in general very poor, with high unemployment and civil unrest. In 1998 Rajiv Lochan decided to plant new tea bushes on a small plot of land made available through the government. The government had deemed this land useless for agricultural purposes, but Rajiv persisted. With the help of the garden workers and local farmers the garden began to flourish to everyone’s surprise.

Originally used as a means of identifying knights in battle in medieval times, the Coat of Arms serves to distinguish families, corporations, and even states and nations.
The elements of the Lochan Tea coat of arms draw on symbols that are used to represent the identity of the company with accuracy and pride.
· Lion represents the strength of tea.
· Horse represents the vitality of tea.
· Eagle represents the vigour of tea.

Lochan Tea Limited is a family owned and operated tea seller in India’s world famous Darjeeling region. Owner Rajiv Lochan moves on an international platform, involving himself in sourcing the best Darjeeling teas and teas from China and other countries. They have a wide network of other tea enthusiasts, educators, researchers and students and of course a network of customers who appreciate fine teas.

Lochan Tea Limited represents more than twenty years of devoted experience by Rajiv Lochan in addition to many years in management of tea estates. Doke Tea Farm is one of the newer endeavors of the Lochan team. .

The Lochan family invites you to join with them on this website in the exploration of tea, its innumerable varieties, its culture and history, along with the joy of discovering new teas for your enjoyment.

The beautiful teas offered and the information we wish to share with the world represent more than twenty years of devoted experience by Rajiv Lochan in addition to many years in management of tea estates here. These years have produced some of the finest teas that come from the Darjeeling region and include sourcing some of the finest teas from China and other countries.

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