Rajiv Lochan

Rajiv LochanBackground: Rajiv Lochan, principal at Lochan Tea, came to the world of tea in 1974 with an practical education in organic chemistry from Allahabad University, India. His early experience with several tea plantations gave him a grounds-up opportunity to learn the intricacies of growing and manufacturing fine tea. His management skills were honed to a high degree as he took on greater responsibilities. By 1985 we was producing record setting amount of crops. And on he went to grow and manage several important tea estates in the region.


In 1998 Doke Tea in Kishangunj, in the Indian state of Bihar, was established by Lochan in part to help the local economic development challenges. The land used was part of an area in the state of Bihar declared to be non traditional for tea growing. Thus the Tea Board invited tea planters to to plant tea bushes as part of an experiment. This experiment proved to be very encouraging and Doke White Tea was born. Doke White Tea has received very favorable response recently at the World Tea Expo 2013 in the US.


The Doke Tea plantation is also a learning center for students from around the world who get the opportunity to learn tea production and  come away with not only a deeper knowledge of tea but also with ideas on marketing and promotion. Tourists who desire the experience of staying on a tea plantation also have the opportunity to participate, learn and absorb India and tea culture. The activity at Doke has also brought improved housing, daily living comforts and educational opportunities to the workers on the tea estate where the Indus Foundation has been established by the Lochan family.


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Reaching out to the World of Tea


Rajiv Lochan

Rajiv Lochan is an active and enthusiastic “ambassador of tea” in China where he regularly participates in exhibitions and conferences, promoting black teas to the Chinese and collaborating on various projects with enthusiastic growers. He regularly attends the International China Tea Expo in Beijing.


The popularity of tea in the United States has also fostered a wide network of American tea importers and tea aficionados who regularly exchange information and ideas. The enthusiasm for tea in America gives Lochan Tea yet another source for sharing and learning.